Jeremy Fabiano

Bronx, NY 10461 | (718) 600 – 2140 |


  • Air Force Veteran with leadership capabilities and team-first mentality
  • Over 17 years of hands on Internet Technology (IT) experience over various contexts and capacities
  • Over 12 years of experience providing professional technical consultation both domestically and internationally
  • Prior certifications in Apple, HP, Dell, Alienware and IBM laptop/computer repair as well as A+
  • Creative problem solver able to see the big picture while remaining detailed oriented
  • Extensive experience working in fast paced environments that demand efficiency
  • Excellent Interpersonal, communication, problem solving, multi-tasking, and organizational skills
  • Reliable worker with the ability to work individually with minimal supervision
  • Goal-driven achiever who can follow directions and take initiative when needed


United States Air Force, Weapons Specialist with Top Secret Security Clearance

2/2001 – 9/2005

  • Loaded and unloaded nuclear and nonnuclear munitions, explosives, and propellant devices on aircraft
  • Managed, controlled, maintained, and installed aircraft bomb, rocket, and missile release, launch, suspension, and monitored systems; guns and gun mounts; and related munitions handing, loading, and test equipment
  • Analyzed malfunctions, performs functional checks of launch and suspension systems
  • Adjusted and installed fuses, boosters, and delay elements in conventional munitions
  • Inspected, repaired, and maintained aircraft release, launch, suspension, and monitor systems
  • Disassembled, repaired, or replaced mechanical, electrical, electronic, and pneudraulic mechanisms of launch and release systems, and aircraft gun systems


IT Support

  • Built out new network infrastructure, including Windows server (AD, File Server), Linux firewalls, switch management, and network security policies
  • Financed Fundamentals in a loan environment with Merchant Cash Advance
  • Provide day to day technological support for an office of up to 50 people and 120 devices
  • Guide and consult overseas development team for financial platform
  • Worked for VC’s building out infrastructure for newly funded deals involving call centers, restaurants, and new colleges
  • Rewrote Microsoft office to an online Java format using an framework


  • Consulted overseas in various countries including: Indonesia, Canada, Amsterdam, Poland, Italy, Spain, and others
  • Worked with companies to develop their telecommunications, banking and finance programming, marketing/social engineering through open source market platforms (i.e. email, SMS, telemarketing, social marketing, etc.)
  • Assisted corporations with web development, utilizing Linux Administration, Package Management, Cloud Building, and Distributed systems
  • Built online robotic data harvesters, machine learning for online data harvesters bots
  • Installed automatic dialers for call centers and mautic marketing platforms


Per Diem Freelancer, Contract Work, New York, NY

3/2017 – Present

IT Director, Stack LLC, New York, NY

8/2016 – 3/2017

Owner, Ichor Communications, Toronto, ON

4/2005 – 8/2015

Weapons Specialist, United States Air Force, Phoenix, AZ

2/2001 – 9/2005 Developer, Microsoft, New York, NY

6/2000 – 9/2000


  • Ava, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python
  • JSP, Jquery, Javascript,FLASK
  • AJAX, CSS, C++, Makefiles
  • STL object oriented design since 1999 Scripting
  • Regular expressions MFC 7.1
  • .NET 2003 development Visual C++ GUI design and critiquing java and C++ interaction (JNI) Socket programming/UNIX
  • ReactJS, WinSock32, Consol
  • C++ team projects: team leader Debugging, documenting, and code testing Java Swing
  • STL object oriented design since 1999 Scripting
  • Regular expressions MFC 7.1
  • Network programming Threaded applications in C, C++, Java, and D
  • Distribution of applications development UNIX system level development GNU GCC
  • LCC32
  • Visual studio compliers SQL
  • Java/PHP 4/5/7, C#, Jang